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Village news from Helen Price - 17th Oct 2019

As sent to The Mercury

Tickets are now available for this event on Saturday, 9th November at 7.00p.m. in the Village Hall, priced at £5.00 each including light refreshments.
Several tables have already been booked and numbers are limited so, if you wish to take part, contact Gill or Glen on 01543 472622 to reserve your place.

The meeting opened with Jerusalem, but on this occasion no longer were we singing acapella, instead we were accompanied on piano by member Margaret Williams, who was enthusiastically applauded for her support.

Following our usual business, our speaker for the evening Ian Rogerson and his helper stood behind tables laden with a wonderful variety of cheeses – cheese being the topic for his presentation. Ian first gave us a resumé of his background as a butcher, and how his career change came about. From a base of very little knowledge of cheese, he set out to learn how the different types were made, by research and by reading various books on the subject. Eventually he began to give talks on the topic. Over time cheese became a passion as he explored what was available and how and where various cheeses were manufactured. Now for Ian no day would be complete without cheese featuring in it somewhere.

Ian gave us a potted history of the relatively small range of cheeses that he grew up with to the enormous variety we now have to choose from, including artisan cheeses produced by dairy farmers across the UK and also those imported from abroad. There was a very good selection for members to try with fruit as an accompaniment, which Ian advocates is essential when eating cheese. We sampled various cheddars, Stilton, a Bowland which contained apples, raisins and cinnamon. Another cheese contained mango and ginger; there was even one with charcoal which proved very tasty. There were others from Italy, France and Spain to try and buy if members so wished.

Ian’s presentation was delivered with humour and was a very enjoyable and instructive hour or so.

Our next meeting will be on 7th November. It will be a special occasion as we shall be celebrating our 90th birthday with a party. Our speaker will be Pat Hall and her topic for the evening will be “Life can be Funny”.

Kings Bromley Bowls Club Whist Drive

Weekly whist drives take place each Tuesday at the Village Hall with a prompt start at 2.00 pm. All are very welcome, £2 includes light refreshments. Teresa Woodward 01543 473058

Contacting the local police

If residents need to contact the police

... there are 3 options.
1. in an emergency dial 999
2. for non emergency call 101
3. Vist them at Lichfield Council Offices in Frog Lane

Village news from Helen Price - 10th Oct 2019

As send to The Mercury

Kings Bromley Historians September Outing

Although we had arranged to meet in the coffee shop at Sharpe’s Pottery Museum, Swadlincote, we were split into two groups on arrival – no time for coffee! Group 1 were taken upstairs to the ‘Magic Attic” which volunteers had opened just for our visit as they are normally closed on Fridays.

The archives there were amazing. The collection of documents, books and newspapers, mostly relating to the pottery industry or the locality filled two rooms. The oldest collection of newspapers dated back to 1725. A lot of the documentation was already computerised and still an ongoing project.

The groups changed places and we were given an introductory talk in the kiln by a pair of very knowledgeable and enthusiastic volunteers. They explained the process of production of the pottery and the labour involved. The average life expectancy was 46 years, children were employed from the age of 8 and worked a 12 hour day. We were then taken to the exhibition room with examples of their products and those of other local potteries. It was really interesting and we would have enjoyed spending more time there but were booked for lunch at the Bull’s Head Repton!

After some impressively huge lunches, we still managed to walk around Repton church and descend into the crypt where some of the Viking burial stones survive. It was a very varied and enjoyable day out.

Our next meeting is on 25th October when Catherine Cartwright will speak of her “Research on World War 1” in the Village Hall at 8.00 pm. All are welcome.

A38 Roadworks commence

Works on the A38 will commence in October

More details are here
PDF icon A38 Roadworks - Commencing October (516.7 Kb)

Review of the Temporary Restriction Orders on the A515.

There was a meeting of the Transport Forum Working Party

.... yesterday which Steve Browne and Allan Howard attended. This is part of the promised review. A number of issues were covered.

1. Reduction in HGV traffic. The Parish Councils of Kings Bromley and Yoxall reported that HGV traffic had reduced significantly on the A515 and A513. A much smaller reduction has been seen through Draycott. The cameras which have recently been put up along the A515 are doing the count which will provide the objective evidence of the extent of this reduction. This information will be made available to the Parish Councils in the next few weeks.

2. Exemptions. The Parish Councils raised this issue and urged County Highways to make exemptions on the weight restricted turns for farm vehicles and local deliveries. They are already actively looking into this, having already had representations from the NFU. There are some technical difficulties involved but it does look as though this will happen.

3. Enforcement. While the police have been present at times at the turns and lorries have been stopped it has not been possible to get them to provide information on the extent of this and the number of prosecutions made. It was agreed that the most effective way of enforcing the ban is through direct contact with those companies seen to be flouting the law. This effort, undertaken by the Parish Councils and YTAG has been very successful with many companies such as Shell, Wincanton and Lomas committing not only to obeying the weight restricted turns but also to not using the A515 at all. YTAG have just added to this list JCB and its contractors. We encourage parishioners to send details of offending vehicles to me alan.how8@btinternet.com so that I can contact the companies involved. To help in this we are also pursuing the use of cameras on the junctions.

4. Signage. County Highways are looking at ways to improve the weight restriction signage, especially their encouraging Highways England to install signs on the A50 and A38 warning HGVs before they get onto the A515 and A38.

5. Further work. The continuing objective of the Parish Councils is to get a weight limit on the A515 between Woodend Lane and Stubby Lane. The displacement of up to 70% of the A515 HGV traffic has not caused any problems on the A38, A50 or even Eastern Avenue. The total ban seems to be next logical step since HGVs can still use the road through Yoxall which is totally unfit for them. County Highways response to this was that the problem with such a weight restriction is to do with the difficulty on enforcement, not the displacement of traffic. We do not believe that this is an insuperable problem so our next step will be to take up this issue through our District and County Councillors. We have no doubt that, failing this, the restriction order will be made permanent.

Best Kept Village

Judges comments

Their comments are here PDF icon BKV judges comments (43.9 Kb)

Best Kept Village Presentation

On Friday 20th the Community Foundation of Staffordshire

On Friday 20th the Community Foundation of Staffordshire presented Kings Bromley Parish Council with the 2019 plaque to fix on the Trophy (Totem Pole) for winning the Best Kept Village Competition for the LIchfield and Cannock Chase area. After a short ceremony at the Jubilee seat, refreshments were provided by the WI at the Village Hall and a short presentation on the history of Kings Bromley's participation in the competition was given by Allan Howard. The competition has been going since 1956: Kings Bromley has entered for all but 8 years and won the District 21 times and the Trophy, which was been in existence since 1969 eleven times.

Thanks to the WI and Lynne Cole and Alison Howard who provided cakes.

Village news from Helen Price - 26th Sept 2019

As sent to The Mercury

Kings Bromley Bowls Club Whist Drive

The Tuesday Whist drives start again at the Village Hall on Tuesday 1st October, prompt start at 2.00 pm. These will take place weekly until 17th December, then 7th January – 24th March 2020. All are very welcome, £2 includes light refreshments.
Teresa Woodward 01543 473058

Harvest Lunch, Saturday 5th October

This year’s Harvest lunch will commence at 1.00 pm on Saturday 5th October in the Village Hall. The meal with be similar to that of previous years and tickets cost £8 or £4 for under 13s. Numbers are limited so, if you don’t want to miss it, please contact Gill or Glen on 472622 to reserve your seat.
A short performance by the Kings Bromley Harmony choir will round off the afternoon.

Harvest Festival, Sunday 6th October

Don’t miss our traditional country Harvest Festival Holy Communion Service at 11.15 am. Come along and sing your favourite harvest hymns and see the church beautifully decorated for Harvest.

Quiz Night and Grand Draw

Tickets will soon be available for this event on Saturday 9th November at 7.00 pm in the Village Hall, priced at £5.00 each including light refreshments. Meanwhile we are taking names of those wishing to take part.
We will be reserving tables for those who book as a team of four and make up other tables from those who buy 1,2 or 3 tickets. Tables are already being reserved and numbers are limited so book early.
Gill and Glen Wright 472622.

Village news from Helen Price - 19th Sept 2019 - Part 1

As sent to The Mercury

Gardening Guild

The Chairman congratulated everyone on Kings Bromley winning the Best Kept Village competition.
After a very enjoyable visit to Paul Shum's garden in Yoxall in July, when members were amazed by the variety and quality of his plants on display, the meeting in August welcomed Brian Storer who came to talk about 'Growing for Showing - Flowers'.
Although Brian grows more vegetables than flowers, he does enjoy growing flowers, especially fuchsias, begonias, dahlias and begonias. He gave a lot of information on taking cuttings, different varieties of flowers and how to display them at Shows.
Members enjoyed a visit on a sunny day to Shugborough in September with Dianne Barre acting as guide to the walled garden, formal gardens and buildings, giving a lot of interesting information on the history of the hall and surroundings.
The next meeting will take place on 21st October, when there will be a talk by Jeff Bates on 'The Winter Garden'.

Wednesday Club

This is the motto of the Midland Air Ambulance Charity (MAAC) and our speaker in September was MAAC volunteer Sally McMahon.
The Midlands Air Ambulance Charity currently operates and funds 3 air ambulances covering 6 Midlands counties - Gloucestershire, Herefordshire, Shropshire, Staffordshire, Worcestershire and the West Midlands. It is one of the busiest air ambulance services operating in the UK and has responded to over 52,000 missions since its formation on May 1st 1991. It has 3 regional airbases at RAF Cosford in Shropshire, Strensham in Worcestershire and Tatenhill in Staffordshire. Between them the 3 air ambulances cover around 5,500 square miles and 6 million people and can reach 90% of the region within 8 minutes.
Sally described each air ambulance as a “mini hospital” or a “mobile A&E”. Each aircraft has a crew of 3 – a pilot and 2 critical care paramedics – or – a pilot, 1 critical care paramedic and a doctor and carries full life support medical equipment.
In addition to the 3 air ambulances MAAC operates 3 rapid response vehicles - deployed when the helicopters are unable to fly - and a critical care car based in Birmingham and the Black Country.
Staffordshire has a call out rate of 24% - second only to the West Midlands with a call out rate of 26%. Current data shows that road traffic accidents account for 40% of all missions; cardiac arrests 24%, falls 17%, sports injuries 8%, hospital transfers 6% and stabbings 5%.
Air ambulance pilots will land on places as diverse as farmland, village greens, main roads and bowling greens. Hazards to landing include wires, hedgerows, properties and people filming the arrival of the air ambulance. Crews work in close cooperation with the other emergency services to achieve the best possible outcome for patients.
It costs £9 million to fund 2,000 missions per year. MAAC receives no Government or National Lottery funding relying on donations from businesses and individuals, its charity shops, open days and the MAAC lottery.
Sally concluded her talk with a short video clip of a young mother from Sutton Coldfield who at 37 weeks pregnant was stabbed multiple times. Miraculously thanks to the crew of the air ambulance and other emergency services both mother and baby survived.

Date of Next Meeting: Wednesday October 2nd at 2.30pm in the Village Hall when our speaker will be from Cats Protection.
Now see part 2 of the report

Village news from Helen Price - 19th Sept 2019 - part 2

Part 2

Kings Bromley WI September meeting

Well, what an amazing evening. Our guest speaker was WPC Kim Coates, of Staffordshire Police Service. Kim transferred from normal police duties to be a dog handler some five years ago. As Kim was on duty, we switched the order for the evening just in case she was called, to give her the opportunity to explain her responsibilities in some detail and to demonstrate just how clever her canine charges are: they did not disappoint.

Kim had driven an hour to be with us, along with Finn, her ‘crocker’ spaniel and her very handsome German shepherd. Kim began by explaining the sort of work a dog handler within the Staffordshire police gets involved in, day and night. She and her dogs are involved in seeking out drugs of various kinds in all sorts of circumstances as well as giving chase to criminals. Kim’s input was fascinating and members were keen to ask all sorts of questions associated with her work which she answered with the benefit of her experience and with good humour.

It wasn’t just theory though: Kim had some cotton wool type material in a small container, which carried the smell of drugs that had been impounded at some point. She did warn members that Finn, her young crocker, was enthusiastic and a bundle of energy. It was not an understatement. Kim brought him into the hall and from the word go Finn never stood still once. Finn obviously loves his work and very quickly found the container that Kim had hidden. His joy was boundless as he was rewarded with his favourite ball. His second opportunity was equally successful. What a dog! All the time he was in the hall, he was running here there and everywhere, just in case there was anything else hidden. Kim’s commands though quickly brought him to her side. Later Finn was returned to the police car and Kim’s German shepherd was brought into the hall. A very different type of dog, and one that Kim kept on the leash for obvious reasons. Although only young he is intelligent and capable, supporting Kim in her non-drug related duties, such as giving chase to criminals on the run in Staffordshire.

So all in all, a fascinating insight into what Kim’s working life involves and how dog handlers support other areas within the police service. We were all truly impressed by the work the dogs undertake, their behaviour and Kim’s dedication to the job she does. It was an excellent hour or so, which we all enjoyed.

There followed the usual formal business for the evening, which concluded with refreshments and the raffle.

Our speaker next month, 3rd October, will be Ian Rogerson. Ian’s talk is entitled ‘Smile Please and Say Cheese’, and will include cheese sampling.

Help in enforcing the weight restriction

The Parish Council is seeking your help

The Parish Council is seeking your help to 'police' the turn restriction in the village. We are asking parishioners, if they witness vehicles breaking the restriction, to note the company name on the vehicle (not the number plate) and to inform the parish chairman. The intention is that the council will contact the firm concerned to inform them that one of their drivers is breaking the law. Please ring Cllr. Allan Howard on 01543 472720 or 07792 623967.

LCD urges - Waste Less Plastic

A message from Lichfield Council


Policing of Weight Restricted Turns on A515

At a meeting of Kings Bromley Parish Council

Letter sent to Sgt. Kevin Royce of Lichfield Police: At a meeting of Kings Bromley Parish Council on Wednesday 10th July there was an agenda item on this issue. We regret that you could not attend but were glad that your representatives PC Amy Sketchley and PCSO Adam McAree could. At that meeting there were representatives of Draycott in the Clay Parish Council, Yoxall Parish Council and YTAG, the Yoxall Traffic Action Group.

The Police representatives reported that they had attended the A515/A513 junction several times and tickets and convictions had been made. When they had attended, the number of HGVs flouting the ban had been quite small. They had also visited companies that they believed were constant offenders. They stated that the photos of offending vehicles sent to them by us and others could not be used to prosecute offenders, which was contrary to what we previously understood. It was made clear that, given pressure on police resources, the junction could only be occasionally manned, and that any help we could provide as to when a police presence would be most effective would be welcomed. We will provide this information by analysing the stream from the webcam sited at the junction.

While we understood that specific instances could not be named, we asked the PC and PCSO to provide us with summary information on the number of times the junction had been policed, the number of tickets issued/convictions made, and the number of haulage companies visited. It was made clear than this was important in order to reassure our parishioners, who see offenders ignoring the turning ban every day, that police action was being taken. We await this information.

In a general open discussion it was made quite clear to the officers that there was a strong feeling amongst parishioners that the turning ban was being flouted regularly and that an increased and better targeted police presence would help. District Councillor Nick Binney, himself an ex-Police Inspector, made the point that the most effective way of treating this problem was by approaching haulage companies directly. This confirms our belief. We have had a very positive reaction from several companies, who have not only committed to instructing their drivers not to flout the turning bans, but in many instances - Wincanton, Shell, Lomas Distribution, Tarmac and Tesco being examples - to avoid using the A515 at all, as they recognise it, especially through Yoxall, to be dangerous to the local inhabitants and environmentally damaging along its whole length. We believe that HGVs from the Fradley Industrial estate now use the A38 route almost exclusively.

We will now stop sending you photos of offending vehicles, but we will collate the information we have to let you know when offending is most prevalent and which companies are involved. We appreciate your cooperation and add, on a positive note, that the HGV traffic on the A515 and A513 has reduced dramatically since the TROs were implemented without, as far as we can tell, any detrimental effect on other routes in the County. This confirms our belief that a total HGV ban on the A515 between Woodend Lane and Stubby Lane is the logical next step. A solution which, I am sure that you would agree, would also be much easier to police.

Allan Howard, Chairman, Kings Bromley Parish Council.

Village Hall Refurbishment

Below find cost of the refurbishment work undertaken

To date the cost of the work undertaken to refurbish the village hall is £67,823.00p excluding vat which can be reclaimed. This figure covers the cost of the new kitchen, toilets, including providing a disabled facility, lobby area and storage. Further work on the main hall, including double rear doors to the garden and decorating will cost a further £8,955.42p. The Village Hall Committee will fund work to the main hall floor, decorating to the stairs and new doors to the upper rooms. Any questions on the funding provided should be directed to the Parish Clerk in the first instance.

HS2 Bill - Parliamentary Progress

High Speed Rail (West Midlands - Crewe) Bill - Up-date

Just to keep you all up-to-date, the HS2 Bill cleared all its stages in the House of Commons on 15th July with a substantial majority. It passed its First Reading in the House of Lords on 16th July.

If anybody wishes to Petition against aspects of this Bill to the House of Lords, the Petitioning Period is from 17th July
to 18th August.

Although we have received proposals from HS2 regarding finding an alternative to Common Lane traffic being forced to go past
Richard Crosse School following our Appeal to the House of Commons Select Committee, the issue has still not been satisfactorily resolved. Therefore, the Parish Council is in constant contact with Staffordshire County Council, HS2 and the landowners directly affected to monitor what is happening.

The Parish Council HS2 Sub-Group will be considering these developments and will communicate any further actions.
If any Kings Bromley resident wishes to discuss any issues relating to this, please let me know by e-mailing me on charleswcole13@aol.com.

Charles Cole

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