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New Co-Op open

The Kings Bromley Co-Op now open

The Kings Bromley Co Op is now open. The manager Christine Steward is keen to get the shop involved in the local community and has already committed to providing fruit to the Parent and Toddler Group which meets on a Thursday morning in the Village Hall. The Coop will have 16 staff, most of whom are Kings Bromley residents. If you would like to contact Christine her email address is Christine.Steward@coop.co.uk. '

Latest letter to SCC regarding A515 traffic issues

This is latest letter sent to Mark Deaville at SCC by the Parish Council...

Dear Mr. Deaville,
Re: A515 No Longer Fit for Purpose.
PDF icon SCC letter re A515 (64.4 Kb)

Highways fault reporting

Bad pothole or sunken ironwork ....

You can report highway defects directly to Staffordshire Highways through this link https://apps2.staffordshire.gov.uk/web/reportfault/#top or ring them on 0300 111 8000

A515 Weight Restriction latest

Parishioners may wish to know what has happened .....

A515 Weight Restriction

Parishioners may wish to know what has happened as a result of the petition for a weight restriction on the A515 which nearly all of you signed. Our supportive County Councillor, Martyn Tittley, had previously commissioned a report on the effects of a A515 weight restriction which he, and others, felt did not fully consider the impact of heavy vehicles on residents in Kings Bromley, Yoxall and Draycott. As a result a working group of the Staffordshire Prosperous Staffordshire Select Committee was set up to address the general issue of the impact of heavy goods/commercial vehicles on roads in Staffordshire. The case study of the impact of a weight restriction on the A515 was to be considered and evidence was to be taken from the affected communities, as well as all other interested parties. At the working group held on the 20th October, attended by Councillors Steve Brown and Allan Howard, Steve presented the case for the weight restriction based on the results of the petition and a document compiled and presented on behalf of Kings Bromley Parish Council. Other presentations were made by the Executive Head of Richard Crosse School, Paul Lovern, Yoxall Action Group and Yoxall and Draycott Parish Councils. The document and the minutes of the working party are available on the Parish website: www.kingsbromley.com. We attended a second meeting of the working group on 10th November for which we will soon have minutes. It is hoped that the working party will present its findings quickly and that a decision on the issue will be made by Staffordshire County Council Cabinet before Christmas. Parishioners will be kept informed.

Allan Howard, Chairman, Kings Bromley Parish Council

More can be found by clicking this link http://moderngov.staffordshire.gov.uk/ieListDocuments.aspx?CId=868&MId=6335&Ver=4

Kings Bromley - another win !

The Best Kept Village results are out

Kings Bromley wins Best Kept Village Again

Kings Bromley has won the Best Kept Village Competition, organised by the Community Council of
Staffordshire, for the Lichfield and Cannock Chase area. This is the fourth year in a row that we have won,
and we will retain the ‘totem pole’. The Parish Council sponsors and co-ordinates the effort, but our success
is due to the efforts of a large number of organisations and individuals. The Churchyard Team keep the church grounds immaculate; the Gardening Guild maintains the Village Hall surrounds, the War Memorial and the Jubilee Seat; the Horticultural Society maintains the Show Field; the trustees of the KB United Charities maintain the Alms Houses and gardens and the Richard Crosse School provide the posters which are displayed in the Village Hall by kind permission of the Village Hall Committee.

Thanks to the street reps who deliver the posters to each house in the village and keep an eye on litter, to all those who keep their front gardens so well and to a number of individuals who take it on themselves to pick up litter. Please put the BKV poster in your windows next year - only a small proportion of the delivered posters are displayed.

Allan Howard

HS2 - the battle continues

Kings Bromley District Councillor Tom Marshall had this letter published in The Times yesterday, let us hope it has some effect:

"It's ironic that as the tax burden reaches levels not seen for thirty years, we are now facing the prospect of a scheme which will drain the public purse in a way rarely seen, in modern times at least.

Taxpayers are about to be funding a project which only a minority want, to which only a smaller minority will have proper access and even fewer will be able to afford.

HS2, the first phase is simply waiting for the starting pistol to be fired, and once it commences it will bleed the public for decades to come. It has been lambasted by all sorts of well-informed, august committees and institutions, not to mention thousands of very concerned members of the public. Still, in the face of all this resistance it goes ahead. If the economy is currently so badly compromised that essential services are facing severe cuts whilst simultaneously our taxes are set to rise to an extreme, it can only be common sense to suggest that this project must not be allowed to squander money which we do not have."

Cllr Tom Marshall
Ward Member: Armitage with Handsacre.
Lichfield District Council
Planning Committee: Vice chairman"

A message from Highways England

Highways England had this to say about future diversions on the A38 ......

These road closures on the A38 are to enable inspections of the electrical cables which run underneath the road surface. These cannot be done while traffic is using the A38, due to the high safety risk associated with the way in which the inspections are carried out. Our contractors, Kier Highways, are aware of the concerns which have been raised regarding traffic on the diversion routes, and have liaised with Staffordshire County Council to minimise disruption as much as possible.

I apologise that you have not received prior notification of these closures. Our contractors have informed me that we endeavour to keep the parish councils informed as much as possible, but it appears that this hasn’t happened in this case.

Whilst I have this opportunity, I would like to make you aware that there will be further works on the A38 over the next few months. These are to enable repairs to the lighting at Branston and resurfacing works between Alrewas to Claymills. The lighting scheme started earlier in January, but is being done under individual lane closures in order to minimise the impacts on road users and residents on the diversion routes. However, some of this work cannot be carried out safely without closing the A38 carriageway, and there will be some use of the diversion routes during February and March. I am liaising with the project team, and will ask them to ensure that the parish council is kept up to date regarding the number and timing of closures, so that you can keep your parishioners informed.

Letty Askew, Asset Manager
Highways England | The Cube | 199 Wharfside Street | Birmingham | B1 1RN
Tel: +44 (0) 300 4702799 | Mobile: + 44 (0) 7809 101084
Web: http://www.highways.gov.uk

Traffic issues latest

- your input required

Parish Council A515 Weight Limit Campaign
The result of our 18 month campaign to get the County Council to impose a 7.5 tonne weight limit on the A515 between Draycott in the Clay and Woodend Lane has resulted in no action from the County Council. This is despite the fact that the overwhelming number of residents of Kings Bromley, Yoxall and Draycott signed the petition and that the Action Group proved that it is not possible for two HCVs to pass each other in Yoxall without going on the pavement, that the A515/A513 junction in Kings Bromley cannot cope with two turning HCVs and that noise levels suffered by residents on the A515 in Draycott breach industrial safety levels. On top of this, given that the proper route for HCVs - the A38 and A50 is just as short in terms of time and fuel usage, the weight restriction would have no economic impact on business. This campaign was supported by the Parish Council, our District Councillors and County Councillor and our MP. We feel that the impact of HCVs on the quality of life in the three villages is unacceptable and that sooner or later serious accidents are inevitable.
These arguments were not refuted by County. Their response has been delay and prevarication. The Parish Council feel that the Councillor responsible, Mr. Mark Deaville, will now only take action if residents let him know their feelings in person. If you feel strongly on this issue please contact:
Mr Mark Deaville
Cabinet Member for Highways & Transport
2 Staffordshire Place
Tipping Street
Stafford ST16 2DH
Telephone: (01785) 854661
E-mail: mark.deaville@staffordshire.gov.uk
Website: www.staffordshire.gov.uk

If you do respond it would be useful for the Parish Council to be informed, through the website, so that we can judge the strength of feeling.

Weight Restriction Campaign

An update from the parish chairman

Weight Restriction on A515
On 14th November a meeting of the A515 Action Group was held at Kings Bromley Village Hall. The County Council Member for Transport, Mr. Mark Deaville declined to attend. This meeting was the culmination of an 18 month campaign to try to get the County Council to impose a 7.5 tonne weight limit on the A515 between Draycott in the Clay and Wood End Lane. The case, as far as we can see, is irrefutable and was supported by the vast majority of residents in Draycott, Yoxall and Kings Bromley whose petition was presented to the Council.
To listen to a recording of the meeting, in which the arguments for the weight limit are set out, please click here. MP3 icon Sound bite (17.0 Mb)
The response of the County to our representations was that they have no plan to impose a weight limit. The campaign will now move into a new phase, which may include direct action. For this reason Councillors Howard and Browne have stepped down from the Action Group as some such actions may not be appropriate for Parish Councillors to be involved in. Councillor Browne however is representing Kings Bromley Parish Council on a ‘Transport Forum’, which Mr. Deaville has set up. However we believe that this is little more than a talking shop.

New Councillor

Mr Charles Cole of Alrewas Road

At its meeting on 10th August the Parish Council co-opted Mr. Charles Cole of Sunningdale, Alrewas Road. Charles has recently moved to the village and is keen to get involved in the many local issues that are currently affecting our community such as quarrying, HS2 and traffic. His contact details can be found under the Parish Council section on this web site.

Best Kept Village - another win

We have again ......

At a ceremony held by the Jubilee Seat at 6pm on 30th September, Kings Bromley were presented with the Best Kept Village Trophy for the Lichfield and Cannock District for the fifth year in a row. Parish Council Chairman Allan Howard welcomed villagers and guests including Janet Eagland, Chair of Staffordshire County Council, Cllr David Salter, Chair of Lichfield District Council and his wife Pam and Chris Welch, Chief Executive of the Community Council of Staffordshire. Allan thanked the Councils for their continued support for the Best Kept Village competition in the current climate of cutbacks. John Perry, Chairman of the BKV Working Group, then gave his remarks on behalf of the Group and the judges; once again praise was given for the way the Church and its surrounds were maintained, the quality of the posters produced by the children of the Richard Crosse School which were displayed in the Village Hall and the general state of the public spaces and private house fronts. Janet Eagland then presented the 2016 winners’ plaque before all retired to the Chairman’s house for tea and cakes.
bkv pic

Churchyard Group

The award winning churchyard group

The award winning churchyard group needs more members. If you have the time to spare on a Wednesday morning starting at 9.30, and can handle a mower, please consider joining.

40 MPH limit

Villagers will have noticed that

Villagers will have noticed that forty mile an hour speed limits have been set up on the entrances to the village on the A515 and A513. The intention is that this will slow traffic before it gets to the 30 mph limit areas. The Parish Council would like to thank our County Councillor Martyn Tittley whose efforts made this possible. The Parish Council continues to make the case to County for a weight restriction on the A515 and is reminding transport companies who have agreed not to use the A515 & A513 to honour their commitments; it is our contention that there is no reason for heavy goods vehicles to use the A515, which is not fit for purpose, when the proper route of the A38 & A50 is available.

Best Kept Village

Its BKV time again, and this year we are going

Its BKV time again, and this year we are going for our fourth win in a row. In a few weeks time street reps will be posting A5 posters through your doors. Please put these up in your front windows.

Please be vigilant about litter. If anyone sees any dog fouling our paths or verges, please remind the owners of their responsibilities.

We will be having a village clean up on Sunday 24th at 11am. Please congregate in front of the Village Hall, where black plastic bin bags will be available.

Judging takes place throughout May, June and July.

Allan Howard

Open Gardens, Fairies & Pirates, Yarn Bombing

Kings Bromley will be holding its annual Open Gardens on June 11th and June 12th from 12pm to 5pm.

Kings Bromley will be holding its annual Open Gardens on June 11th and June 12th from 12pm to 5pm. This year it will be combined with a 'Fairies and Pirates' and 'Yarn Bombing' event run by the Pre-School and WI (details from Teresa da Costa and WI). Proceeds from the Open Gardens will go towards the fund for renovating the Village Hall, held by the Gardening Guild. We could do with some more gardens, if you are prepared to help in any way please contact Allan Howard on 01543 472720.

On the Sunday why not combine cheering on the Iron Men competitors in the morning with garden visiting in the afternoon - or combine taking your children or grandchildren to the Fairies and Pirates and Saturday afternoon with some garden visits - they will need to search for hidden fairies.

Allan Howard

HM Queen 90th Birthday

As most of you will know

.. it is Her Majesty's 90th birthday soon. The parish council understands that no specific plans have been made to commemorate this in the parish. However should individuals or groups wish to make their own arrangements then they are obviously free to do so.

Mobile Library Service

Staffordshire County Council announce changes to the mobile library service

Staffordshire County Council announce changes to the mobile library service.
From 1st April 2016 the mobile library will be at Kings Bromley every three weeks on a Wednesday, from 2.15pm to 4.15pm at Richard Crosse School.

A Neighbourhood Plan for Kings Bromley - can you help?

Your Parish Council is considering compiling

Your Parish Council is considering compiling a Neighbourhood Plan (was known as a Parish Plan). Having such a plan will help map the way the parish is developed and managed in future. Much work is required to gather all the information that is required before the plan is submitted to the District for approval. Such plans should be community led and as such the parish council is seeking a number of volunteers with expertise in planning, statistic, mapping, design and IT. Input is also welcome from anyone with a general interest in the village and parish as a whole. If you feel you have the time to become involved and want to make a real difference to your community please get in touch in the first instance with the parish clerk - email is parish.council@kingsbromley.com
More info is here PDF icon Neighbourhood plan information (61.1 Kb)

Annual Open Parish Meeting

This years Annual

This years Annual Open Parish Meeting will be held at the village hall on Wednesday 20th April at 8pm. All are welcome to attend.
This is your chance to come along and hear what has been going on in the village and parish. Many local organisations will be present along with Councillors. Many initiatives are affecting the village at present from HS2 to quarrying so come along and express your concerns.

Emergency aid may not be too far away

Emergency aid may be on your doorstep if the parish council can raise the funds.

The parish council is considering 'adopting' the red BT phone box by the War Memorial. It is hoped that funding can then be found to have installed a defibrillator. Watch this space for progress.

Dog Fouling

There has been an increase in the number of dog fouling incidents

Unfortunately an increase in the number of dog fouling incidents has been reported to the Parish Council. This is unacceptable behaviour by a minority of dog owners. It is surprising that these incidents take place under the cover of darkness. If any resident does witness this unsavoury behaviour please take a note and report the individual to the parish clerk who will in turn inform Lichfield District Councils' wardens.

Blocked drains in the village

Severn Trent have recently

Severn Trent have recently been called out to unblock mains drains in the village. Parishioners are reminded that, even with modern pumped systems, drains can and will become blocked if cooking fats/oils and sanitary products/wipes are flushed.

Flood Risks as of 4th January 2016

Latest information from the Parish Council's flood officer ....

Blithfield reservoir started to over flow at 04:00 this morning 4th Jan and therefore a greater amount of water will be entering the Trent at Nethertown intersection today to the tune of 250 million litres a day (Ml/d). Whilst this sounds quite dramatic we have seen overflow levels above 1000 Ml/d.
I will inspect the banks later on today (In Kings Bromley) but as of yesterday the levels didn’t pose a risk to the village and I don’t anticipate a change over the coming 48hrs.

I will be in touch with the EA today for further info.

Happy Christmas

Happy Christmas to all our parishioners from Kings Bromley Parish Council.

Happy Christmas to all our parishioners from Kings Bromley Parish Council.
The tree was obtained from an anonymous donor and cut, transported and put up by Cllr. Pritchard and his team of helpers.
Electrician Geoff Sutton, although no longer a Kings Bromley resident put up the lights. Hearty thanks to all those that helped out!


Book launch

Ivy Butcher and Kings Bromley Historians' Book Lauch

On Saturday 19th September at the Village Hall, 2:30- 4:30. Ivy Butcher and the Kings Bromley Historians will be launching their new publication 'Hark Back'. This book consists of transcriptions of taped interviews that Ivy and David Butcher had around 1980 with surviving members of the Lane family and with various villagers. Their memories stretched back to before the First World War. The book provides a unique insight into life at the manor, before it was abandoned in the 1920s, and what it was like to live in a village before electric light and mains water and where horses and carts were more common than motors.

There will be an exhibition of photographs from the Historians' archive which will illustrate extracts from the book. Ivy's previous books and other Historian's publications will also be available for purchase, including the recent 'The Life and Times of Agnes, The Little Queen of Kings Bromley'. This tells the story of Agnes Lane, 1809-1885, within the context of the social history of the village and the nation. She had 14 children, of which 8 survived, and 'reigned' at a time when her class also ruled the country that ruled the world.

Teas and refreshments will be available

Traffic Diversion Through Kings Bromley

See email off Highways England re this

Dear Mr Howard
I am writing to you from EM Highway Services. We manage and maintain motorways and trunk roads on behalf of Highways England (formerly the Highways Agency) within the West Midlands.
Thank you for your enquiry regarding A38 Roadworks on 30.7.15.
From Mon 03/08 to Mon 10/08, overnight only from 20:00 hrs excluding weekends, the southbound carriageway will be closed from the Barton junction (B5016) . Traffic will be diverted up the A38 Northbound to the A50 to travel West bound to the A515, then south to the A51 and A5192 at Lichfield to re-join the A38.
From Tues 11/08 until Mon 17/08 again overnight only excluding weekends, the southbound carriageway will be closed from Alrewas junction. Traffic will be diverted on the A513 West Bound to the A515 Southbound to the A51 and A5192 at Lichfield to re-join the A38.
On Tues 18/08 for I night only the Northbound carriageway will be closed from northbound at Alrewas, with the traffic diverted West along the A513, then North on the A515 then East on the A50 to Toyota Island.
To confirm, all works overnight from 20:00 hrs excluding weekends
I hope you find this response satisfactory; however, should you require further information, please contact the Highways England Information Line quoting the above HAIL reference number. Or call 0300 123 5000.

Minerals Local Plan latest

Parish Council response is here

KB Parish Response to the Minerals Plan
In June 2011, in response to the 'Gravel Group' campaign to oppose plans to extract sand and gravel at the Wychnor North, Wychnor South, Alrewas West and Bancroft Farm sites, Catherine Raines, then Deputy Chief Executive of SCC wrote to campaign organiser Anne Anderson "... it is not possible for me to say that SCC will never support planning applications to extract sand and gravel from sites west of the A38 between Alrewas and Kings Bromley ... However, I can say that we do not now support planning applications from these sites and I can say that we will not include sites west of the A38 between Alrewas and Kings Bromley in the MCS currently being prepared."
Arguments about semantics aside, SCC has gone back on this commitment, those sites are in the ‘area of search’.
The SCC policy, as put forward in the ‘New Minerals Local Plan for Staffordshire 2015 to 2030’ is to excavate sand and gravel to the east of the A38 until such time as reserves are exhausted. Kings Bromley PC notes that plans are based on an annual rate of extraction of 5mtpy whereas we believe the current rate of extraction is only 3.9 mtpy. When reserves are exhausted east of the A38 consideration will be given to sites on the west of the A38 in the ‘area of search’.
We note that the 'Gravel Group' campaign in 2011 estimated that there was a landbank giving 27 years extraction at current rates if extension to existing sites were to be granted east of the A38. When, at some unspecified time in the future, planning applications are made west of the A38 the Minerals Plan states that they must conform to the environmental standards outlined in Policy 4. We have doubts about the ability of SCC to enforce on quarrying companies suitable standards of restoration of sites given that the worked out Manor Park quarry is essentially derelict and is an eyesore rather than an amenity which could be enjoyed by the community.
We also note that not enough consideration has been given to recycling as a means of reduction of the need for new quarrying.

Many places within the ‘area of search’ contains areas which would clearly, according to Policy 4, be ruled out. For instance those near the Orgreave gas pipelines and those contiguous to existing housing – to name but a few. The inclusion of the area directly north of Kings Bromley is a case in point. If this area continues to be included in the area of search, houses there would be effectively blighted.

Kings Bromley Parish Council look to the County Council to reaffirm Catherine Raines’ commitment.

If, at some time in the future, sites west of the A38 have to be considered in an area of search, we wish to have it confirmed that no sites close to existing housing are considered. We therefore wish to see SCC issue a modified ‘area of search’ which removes the area contiguous to the housing on the north of Kings Bromley which would be blighted by the current proposals. It is not necessary to perform a full environmental impact analysis for the entire area - that would clearly need to take place when detailed proposals for specific sites are being considered. However, the Council should be aware of the consternation it has caused by the policy of issuing a map of the area of search which does not conform to its own stated environmental policies.

Speeding issues through the village

This is one of the most discussed items at parish meetings.

One item that continually comes to the council attention is that of speeding vehicles through the village. It is a matter that the Parish Council takes seriously. We are informed that the local police are also taking a stance and that the camera van is in the village twice a month and that action is taken against offenders. The speedwatch initiative has been restarted and serious offenders are contacted by the police. We have made a request of SCC to try to obtain the numbers of these offenders. It is an offence to warn on-coming vehicles of the presence of the camera van and fines have been issued to those that break this law. Watch this space for updates.

New Transparency code documents added

"The Smaller Authorities (Transparency) Requirements Regulations 2015". These documents give parishioners and other interested parties an opportunity to see how their parish council operates. See under Parish Council - Other Parish Council documents.

Documents now in the public domain include;
1. Items of expenditure above £100 excluding vat-inc date incurred, summary of purpose, amount, and vat recoverable
2. End of year accounts as per annual return
3. Annual governance statement
4. Bank reconciliation statement
5. Internal audit report
6. List if Councillors and their responsibilities
7. Details of public land and building assets
8. Draft minutes of last meeting
9. Agenda 3 days before next meeting is due

Minerals Plan

Many parishioners are concerned by the flyer that they have received about the County Council's Draft Mineral Plan .....

Many parishioners are concerned by the flyer that they have received about the County Council's Draft Mineral Plan, where it appears that Kings Bromley has been engulfed in a sea of pink. The new plan is, I believe, a considerable improvement on the previous plan which identified several sites west of the A38 for development. The Parish Council's response to that was to urge the County Council to only consider sand and gravel extraction west of the A38 once all alternatives east of the A38 had been exhausted. This appears to be the strategy that has been adopted. The County Council is, however, keeping its options open by identifying the pink 'area of search' where future extraction may take place - subject to the environmental guidelines outlined in the plan. There is no date given for when the area of search will be searched - that depends on demand and capacity.

The issue will be debated at the next Parish Council meeting on 8th July, which all parishioners can of course, attend and at which we hope to have our District and County Councillors. Parishioners can speak at the beginning of Parish Council meetings, and also during the meeting at the discretion of the Chairman.It will be decided there how the Parish Council needs to respond to the new plan, and whether it will do so on its own or in conjunction with the other affected parishes - Alrewas, Fradley and Yoxall.

This note has been prepared by the Chairman of the Parish Council and contains his personal opinions. It does not represent the opinion or policy of the Kings Bromley Parish Council which, as stated, has yet to discuss the new plan.

Allan Howard, Chairman, Kings Bromley Parish Council.

Kings Bromley Open Gardens.

Saturday 13th June, Sunday 14th June 12noon- 5pm.

Proceeds in aid of Village Hall restoration fund.

Read the Results of the traffic survey and petition.

The document is now available - go to the Parish Council section and click on 'other parish council documents'.

Cllr. Steve Brown is grateful to all those who helped collect the information, images and who signed the petition.

'New' Village Web Site

Welcome to the 'new' village web site. We trust you think it is an improvement on the old one. We would like to hear your comments on its content, so if you think improvements can be made let us know

Any organisations wishing to update their details or add their meeting dates to the diary please get in touch with the Parish Clerk

Local bus services

Cllr. Steve Browne has the latest

Contact him on 01543 472 931

Kings Bromley United Charity (Charity Number 1020119)

The Charity is an amalgamation of a number ....

Kings Bromley United Charity (Charity Number 1020119)
The Charity is an amalgamation of a number of bequests left in wills
or gifts given in people's lifetime over the years. The Charity's main
purpose now is to maintain three almshouses in Manor Road, Kings
Bromley, and supports the residents of these houses.
For further information, please contact Alison Howard, the Secretary
to the Trustees, on 01543 472720.

Bridge and Stiles Repaired

SCC have completed works to repair stiles and a bridge on a local footpath.

When preparing for the Historians ten yearly Parish Boundary walk, held on Saturday 20th September last year, section leader Keith Day noticed that a bridge on the path Kings Bromley 9 - between Trent Bridge A515 going east towards Alrewas at OSGR 414476 316689 was dangerous and could only really take one person at a time. Kings Bromley Parish Council were informed and the Clerk contacted the head ranger at Staffordshire County Council. We have heard that the County Works Unit have replaced three stiles, two stile steps and repaired the bridge on this section of the path along the south bank of the Trent.

Good news on local bus services

It looks as if our bus service will remain !

This is what SCC had to say
Staffordshire County Council recently received notification from Arriva confirming that they had taken a commercial decision to reduce the current Service 7 from 13th April 2015. Their decision was to implement a revised timetable for this service between Burton and Lichfield. The revised timetable results in a reduced daytime service to several of the villages on the route.

I am pleased to confirm that following negotiations between Midland Classic and Staffordshire County Council there will be an introduction of a new service, which will be named the 810. This new service will cover the reduction on the Arriva service, meaning a continuation of the service for the villages on this route. This new Service 810 will commence on 13th April 2015.

Best Kept Village Competition 2015

It's that time again! Judging starts on the 1st of May.

It's that time again! Judging starts on the 1st of May, and continues on and off throughout the months of May, June & July. Street reps will be putting the posters for display in your front windows through your doors soon, if they have not already done so. Judges are keen on lack of litter, the tidiness of the public areas, the look of front gardens, the children's posters in the village hall and the amount of advertising of the BKV that they see around the village.

Kings Bromley has won the district title four times in the last five years, and three times in succession. Lets put on a good display again this year. The judges are rotated, so we will have to impress a different set of judges this year. We will be having a tidy up starting at 11am on Sunday 26th April starting at the village hall: if you could help with picking up litter then, or at any other time, it would be appreciated.

Allan Howard

Best Kept Village Presentation for 2014

Kings Bromley Parish Council was presented with a plaque to commemorate their winning the award for the Best Kept Village.

BKV presentation On Sunday 2nd November at a ceremony by the pinfold, Kings Bromley Parish Council was presented with a plaque to commemorate their winning the Staffordshire Community Council Lichfield and Cannock Chase District award for the Best Kept Village.

The Chair of the Judges, John Perry gave a speech commending Kings Bromley on its Community spirit. He also noted that because he had noticed that Kings Bromley had been in the competition for 50 years, he had decided to give all those villages in Staffordshire with such a 'long service record' an extra award.

Cllr. Steve Brown replied on behalf of the Parish Council, then John Leavesley handed over plaque to Cllr. Allan Howard, BKV organiser. This plaque will be attached to the 'totem pole', which will now have been a fixture on the pinfold for three years in a row.

Centenary of Village Hall

On 11th October a joint event organised by the Village Hall Committee, The Snooker Club and the Historians was held to commemorate the centenary of the Village Hall.

Centenary of Village Hall - 1 Centenary of Village Hall - 2 On October 15th, 1914, the Hall, then known as the Dean Lane Institute, was formally dedicated by the Bishop of Lichfield and opened by the Bishop of Rochester.

Tea and cakes were provided by the Village Hall Committee, while the Snooker Club and Historians provided displays on the one hundred year history of the club and the Hall.

It was through the efforts of the then vicar, the Rev. Chilwell, that the Institute was created so it was thought that a framed photograph of him should be on permanent display in the Hall. This was unveiled by Sue Hannam, chair of the Village Hall Committee after which Allan Howard, leader of the Historians, explained why this recognition of The Rev.Chilwell was appropriate at this time.

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