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HS2 - latest - part 1

Meeting with House of Commons HS2 Select Committee - 10th May

Following the Kings Bromley Parish Council Petition against certain aspects of the HS2 Hybrid Bill, Charles Cole from the Parish Council and John Sadler from the HS2 Joint Action Group were summoned to appear before the House of Commons Select Committee which had been set up to consider the Petitions. The major items covered were those that
had been brought up by Parishioners, landowners, businesses and Richard Crosse School. These include:
1. Closure of Common Lane
HS2 had already put forward a proposal to Staffordshire County Council and the Parish Council to keep Common Lane open. Although this went a long way to meeting the objections the Council had put forward, especially relating to safety concerns around the school, it appears that HS2 still want Common Lane to be closed for up to 4 years during
the Construction Phase. The Select Committee were told that this was totally unacceptable to the Parish Council and that further discussions must take place to resolve this.
2. Height of the Railway Embankment around Kings Bromley.
HS2 had already agreed with Staffordshire County Council that the height of the proposed embankment could be reduced by ‘up to’ 3 metres. Although this is a step in the right direction, concern was expressed at the Select Committee that good reasons should be given if the maximum height reduction was not achieved.
3. Borrow Pits.
It is proposed that 4 Borrow Pits would be dug in the Parish to provide aggregate for the construction of the railway. Although HS2 are in discussion with the National Farmers Union about these plans, the Parish Council raised concerns about the amount of good
agricultural land ear-marked for these pits when other sources may be available. Also previous experience has led the landowners to be concerned about the state of the land when the pits are restored for agricultural use. If the height of the embankment was lowered, HS2 were questioned whether it would be necessary to dig all 4 borrow pits.

HS2 latest - part 2

Part 2 of report

4. Traffic Management.
Although HS2 gave clear commitments about traffic management in the Village for their construction vehicles, strong arguments were put to the Select Committee that these should also include contractors vehicles. A request for ‘No HS2 Traffic Beyond This Point’ notices should be placed at each entrance to the Village. HS2’s proposal on this item were positive as far as they went, but it also included a caveat that in certain circumstances they could request opening up the A513 for construction traffic. The Select Committee were informed that further discussions were required with HS2 to be more specific on this item.
5. Burying Power Lines to the North of the Village.
Following the consultation Process the Parish Council carried out with residents last year, the issue was raised about the possibility of burying the power lines since HS2 had indicated that some work had to be carried out on them as part of the Construction Phase.

It would certainly give a lasting improvement to the village landscape. However, after taking independent advice it was agreed that it would be difficult to pursue this further. It was just not a matter of cost, although this in itself would be prohibitive, but also the amount of land required and disruption to the residents particularly affected would make
this very difficult to achieve satisfactorily.
6. Location of Satellite Compounds around the Pyford Brook area.
HS2 have proposed building satellite construction sites in the Pyford Brook area. Local landowners have argued strongly against the locations because of the detrimental impact it would have on their quality of life because of the disruption, traffic, noise and dust pollution etc. This would be particularly so for the owners of the Bromley Hayes Cattery.
Some of the local landowners and businesses have put in their own Petitions which the Parish Council have supported, and so further consideration will have to be given to these proposals.
In conclusion, in the lead up to the Select Committee appearance, HS2 have come up with some proposals which are a step in the right direction. However, there are still significant issues around each of the items raised that need developing further. Both the Parish Council and the Joint Action Group are totally committed to getting the best deal for the residents, landowners and businesses in the village.
If any resident hears anything that is relevant to what HS2 are proposing, I would be grateful if you would let me know by e-mailing me on charleswcole13@aol.com or phoning me on 01543 472423. Any ‘intelligence’ would be useful in progressing our cause to
achieve the best outcome we can.

Charles Cole

Village news from Helen Price - 10/5/18

As sent to The Mercury

Helen Price
01543 472203

KB Gardening Guild

Allan Howard expressed the hope that spring had arrived and reminded everyone about the Best Kept Village Competition, running from 1 May to the end of July and the Open Gardens event to be held in the village on 16-17 June.
The speaker for the evening was Ruth Williams who had come to talk about 'The Living Churchyard'. Her emphasis was on the beauty and vitality of churchyards, with their wealth of wildlife, flora and fauna. Firstly, she talked about the history of the churchyard, showing that they were not just places for burials but also for fairs, gambling, drinking, games, archery practice and markets. Many parts of the churchyard are a semi-natural habitat, with long grass and piles of logs, which are deliberately left undisturbed to attract wildlife. Foxes, moles, badgers, slow worms, hedgehogs, bats, frogs and toads may be found there and often bird boxes are put up to attract birds. The trees and flowers attract bees and butterflies and there are many varieties of lichens, ferns and fungi to be seen. Ruth had lovely photos to illustrate her talk and even showed a churchyard with its own flock of sheep!
The meeting on 21 May will be an evening in Dianne Barre and Ray Conningham's garden, starting at 7pm.

Kings Bromley Historians

At our April meeting, Allan shared with us the findings of his most recent research into the Lane family. It seems that John Lane had 6 illegitimate children by Melissa Mattingley whilst in London. He acknowledged these children and was witness at their marriages. Elizabeth Newton, a distant relative of the Lanes, left Jane Mattingley (who was 11 at the time) £1000 in her will to be paid on her 21st birthday.

John’s grandson, Cecil (born 1836), son of John Newton Lane, lived for a time on Paxos as an ‘aide de camp’. On his return to Kings Bromley, his brother, John Henry, had recently married and his mother Agnes, who had relied on him, began to rely on Cecil instead, as his father John Newton was described as ‘rather weak and fidgety’.

Cecil later married Adela Bertie, daughter of the Rev. Bertie and they moved to Whiston Hall in Shropshire. They had 4 children, Georgina, John Rowland, Percy (killed at Ypres in 1915) and Newton (killed at Messines Ridge in 1917). The latter two are commemorated by a plaque in Kings Bromley Church. Cecil died in 1897 and Adela in 1925. They are both buried in Kings Bromley churchyard.

Our next meeting will be on 29th June, when the speaker will be Richard Stone on “The Story of Map Making’. All are welcome in the Village Hall at 8.00 p.m.

Open Gardens 2018

Saturday June 16 and Sunday June 17th. 12 noon to 5pm.

We now have a final total of eleven gardens, including four which have never been open before and one which is reopening under new ownership. The WI will be 'yarn bombing' and providing teas on the Saturday. Other gardens will be providing refreshments and plants stalls with plants at very competitive prices.
For children there will be 'fairy finding' and at one of the gardens there will be a band playing.
Please support this event. All proceeds will again be given to the Kings Bromley Village Hall Refurbishment Fund.

Allan Howard

Village news from Helen Price - 3/5/18

As sent to The Mercury

Village Jumble Sale

Thanks to everyone who helped in any way with the Jumble Sale in the Village Hall on 14th April, whether donating items, sorting or helping in the afternoon. Particular thanks go to Peter Gee for organising the event. The excellent sum of £480 was raised for church funds.

Best Kept Village Competition

The Parish Council is entering the village into the Best Kept Village competition again. There will be a general clean up on Sunday 29th April and all volunteers will be welcomed. Please display your BKV flyer in your front window and keep your front garden as neat and litter free as possible. Thank you.

Open Gardens

Kings Bromley Open Gardens will take place on Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th June, from 12 noon to 5 pm. So far we have 9 confirmed gardens, including 4 which have never been opened before. The WI will be ‘yarn bombing’ again and providing teas in the Village Hall on the Saturday. There will be ‘fairy finding’ for the kids and there might be some musical entertainment – watch this space.
At a preliminary meeting, it was decided that the profits would again go to the Village Hall Refurbishment fund; so far the Open Gardens has contributed £4000 to this worthy cause.

Kings Bromley Show, Saturday July 28th ‘Celebrating Staffordshire’

We have all the usual fun of the fair with children’s entertainment, a magician, animal shows, trade stalls and craft fair. The competitive marquee provides an ideal opportunity to display your favourite Staffordshire landscape, capture that local beauty spot on camera, show off your family’s special Staffordshire oatcake recipe - the scope is endless! The arena displays include daring cycle and motorbike stunt acts.

There’s plenty of opportunity to get involved in the organisation of the Show and lots of fun to be had in the process. In particular, help is required to run the Young Crafts tent. If you would like to help in any way, please contact Kirsten Harber on 07766 316316. For further details please see our website: www.kingsbromleyshow.co.uk.

Village news from Helen Price - 26/4/18

As sent to The Mercury

Royal Oak Anniversary Celebration

Since re-opening a year ago, the Royal Oak has gone from strength to strength thanks to Gillian, Roger and their friendly team. On Saturday afternoon they treated their loyal customers to a BBQ, entertainment, and also a performance by Kings Bromley’s very own Village Harmony choir.

Also cause for celebration was recently being awarded the 5 Star Food Hygiene rating. Congratulations and well done to everyone!

More news

Part 2

2Wednesday Club

“Chasing Paper Skeletons” was the subject of April’s talk given by Marion Armstrong a genealogist and former registrar for North Staffordshire.
Marion introduced us to the basics of beginning the search for our ancestors. Most people know the names of their parents and possibly their grandparents but very little besides. Marion explained the importance of birth and marriage certificates as the starting point for any search. Birth certificates provide not only a child’s name and date of birth but the name of the father, his occupation and the mother’s maiden name. Marriage certificates - in addition to the names of the couple being married - provide their ages, date and place of the marriage, their address and the names and occupations of both fathers. The birth certificate of your father will therefore provide your paternal grandfather’s name and occupation and your paternal grandmother’s maiden name. The marriage certificate of your grandparents will then provide the names and occupations of both great grandfathers and so on. Civil registration of births, marriages and deaths began in 1837 for earlier dates parish registers are required. Once you have the necessary information – name, date of birth and area in which your ancestor lived it is possible to search the census returns. The census is taken every 10 years and returns are available from 1841 – 1911. There is a one hundred years rule on the disclosure of census information and the next census - the census of 1921 - will be available in 2021. The census return provides names, ages, marital status and occupation of everyone within a particular household on the date of the census. Marion provided some humorous examples from the 1911 census – the first to be completed by the actual householder. The father who gave his 3-year-old year son’s occupation as - “running about” while another gave the name of the family servant as “Peter Tabby” occupation “Mouser” and a farmer who under the section headed “Infirmity” added “short of cash.” Additional sources of information providing an insight into the lives of our ancestors include newspaper archives, wills, passenger lists and prison records many of which are available online.
To conclude her talk Marion shared with us the weird and wonderful names children have been given over the centuries. It seems that this is not just a modern trend! Examples included: A girl born in 1892 surname Waters – Christian name Mineral. A girl born in 1883 with 25 Christian names one for each letter of the alphabet apart from P - her surname was Pepper. Boys fared no better. One boy “Timeof” was named after his father and grandfather before him - their surname - Day. Most unfortunate of all perhaps was young master Goldstone whose parents gave him the name “Onetoomany” Goldstone. Poor child!
Our next meeting will be on Wednesday May 2nd when we will be visiting Matlock Bath.

Village news from Helen Price - 9/4/18

As sent to The Mercury - part 1

Kings Bromley WI
Our postponed AGM was held in April and we also had a fascinating speaker in Rowena Lovatt, who gave us an entertaining talk on the life of a lingerie designer. Rowena wasn't really sure what she wanted to do when she left boarding school but her father had other ideas and arranged an interview at a mill in Leek. The company was called Lux Lux and they designed and made items of nightwear and lingerie. She was sent to Art school and attended a day release scheme to gain a City and Guilds qualification in dressmaking. The company was very keen for their staff to gain lots of experience and Rowena was allowed to visit relatives in America as long as she brought samples back with her and was able to stay for two months.
On her return she made her way to the Design room, which was where her creative flare and skills at pattern making came into play. The company had large accounts with Debenhams and Littlewoods. Rowena’s talk was entertaining and funny and we could all see how proud she was of her achievements.
We continued the meeting with a cheese and wine buffet and then the formal business of the AGM. Sue Penfold shared her memories as President during the year and Pauline Greatrex read out the Annual Report highlighting the year’s events and achievements. The financial report was read and the accounts look to be in a healthy position. The committee were all given a gift of a bottle of wine from Sue as appreciation of their hard work and a raffle was held. Sue is in office for another year and the ladies are grateful for her commitment to our Institution. A unique rag doll of a WI lady was presented to her and also to Viv Leyland who has supported us for many years as president and on the committee.
Our next meeting will be in the village hall on 3rd May when we will look at the National Federation’s resolution on Mental Heath Matters which needs to be discussed and voted on for the National AGM in June.

Village news from Helen Price - 5/4/18

As sent to the Mercury

Manor Park Sailing Club
RYA Push the Boat Out 2018 is getting the nation on the water!
This national event will see hundreds of sailing clubs and training centres up and down the country offering free or low cost ‘have a go’ sailing taster sessions and open days. RYA Push the Boat Out is all about getting people out on the water locally and giving them the chance to find out just how easy it is to get involved in sailing. So, if learning to sail is on your ‘to do’ list this is your chance.

Your local sailing club, Manor Park Sailing Club will be hosting their Push the Boat Out event on Saturday 12th May 2016 as part of their spring open day.

Come along to the club between 10 a.m. and 4p.m., and weather-permitting we will get you out dinghy sailing with experienced members, explore the 3 lakes in a powerboat and experience the club facilities. Bring a waterproof coat, old trainers that you don’t mind getting wet, towel and a change of clothes.

We can’t guarantee to turn you into the next Ben Ainslie or Ellen Macarthur, but we can guarantee that whether you’re looking to simply relax on our lakeside patio, potter around with the family on our three lakes, or live out your Olympic fantasies in our weekly racing events, Manor Park Sailing Club is the best place to be for great days out on the water. We offer junior (from 7 years old) and adult training and can take you from complete novice to confident sailor over the course of the year.
Visit the club website for more details: https://www.manorparksc.co.uk/ or contacttraining@mpsc.co.uk or 017814 541942 for more information.
You’ll find us on the A513 halfway between King’s Bromley and Armitage.

Kings Bromley Gardening Guild

The meeting of the Gardening Guild on 19 March started with the AGM. There was a review of another successful year, followed by the re-election of committee members for the coming year. Additional members are always welcome to join the committee! Once the AGM was completed, Paul Woolley gave a short talk on looking after the lawn in spring, then members enjoyed a glass of wine with nibbles and a gardening quiz. We now know what a tayberry is, that Chantenay red cored is a carrot and that all parts of lily of the valley are highly poisonous.
The next meeting will be on 16 April, when Ruth Williams will be talking about "The Living Churchyard".

Historians, Friday 30th March

Elizabeth Marsh (born 1748) was an extraordinary woman. She married William Hervey in 1774 and was widowed 9 years later with two young sons, Thomas and William.

After her husband’s death, she travelled extensively but in 1792 she began to write a journal every day until the day before she died in 1820. She not only kept a record of her daily life but commented on the wider affairs of the time; the French Revolution and Wars, statesmen, persons of note and gossip all contribute to reveal a contemporary view of historical events.

These journals amount to 77 books each about 90 pages. They are kept in the Record Office in London and one of our members showed us what fascinating reading they make.

Allan then related the connection to the Lane family of Kings Bromley when Susan Ann Vincent (William Hervey’s granddaughter) married John Henry Bagot Lane. A very enjoyable “in house” meeting.

On Saturday 19th May we will be visiting Beamhurst Museum in the morning and after a pub lunch, Izaak Walton’s cottage. Please contact Allan or Val if you would like to join us.

Traffic weight restriction update

This is the latest statement

Update on A515 and associated schemes

· A515 minor roads experimental Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) - £100,000 has been allocated in the 2018/19 financial year to design and deliver an experimental TRO for weight restrictions/weight restricted turning bans on Wood End Lane, A513 Alrewas Road (between Kings Bromley and Alrewas) and the B5016 Yoxall Road (between Yoxall and Barton-under-Needwood). Amey, Staffordshire County Council’s strategic partner, has already begun preparing the design and seeking the necessary approvals to implement a scheme. The Council is looking to implement the experimental TRO before the end of the June 2018, dependant on any approvals required by from the Department for Transport.
· Yoxall Village Gateway Enhancement - £60,000 has been allocated in 2018/19 to design and deliver improvements in Yoxall, such as:
o 40mph buffer zones on the A515 approaches into Yoxall
o A possible extension of the 30mph speed limit on the southern end of Yoxall
o Gateway features on the entrance to Yoxall to slow traffic
o A possible Zebra crossing in Yoxall on the A515
· Draycott-in-the-clay speed limit review - £20,000 has been allocated towards recommendations arising from the speed limit review report completed by Amey in March 2018.
· B5017 between A515 and Burton upon Trent – there is approximately £200,000 from developer contributions in the local area that could potentially be utilised towards improving the B5017 corridor and discouraging it’s use by HGV through traffic. The Council is currently exploring its options on this.

Steve Brown & Allan Howard, the Parish Councillors who have been attending the Transport Forum and The Transport Forum Working Group meetings add: The County Council estimate that these measures will reduce the heavy goods traffic on the A513 through Kings Bromley by nearly 100% and that on the A515 by 70%. 'Nearly' because HCVs making deliveries/pickups in the restricted areas and farm vehicles are exempted and the A513/A515 will continue to be the diversion route when there are problems on the A38. These measures will only be effective if they are properly enforced, and we will press for the police to do this and will be doing monitoring ourselves and through the local Speedwatch group. The Parish Council remain committed to the ultimate aim of getting a weight limit on the A515. However, we recognise that because this is designated as on the Primary Route Network this could be difficult to achieve. Therefore we welcome these short term measures which the County Council are able to implement without lengthy National consultations and/or enquiries.

Village Hall refurbishment launch day

The launch was held on Saturday 24th March

Images from the launch are here https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1ztibLm6li5HQ4m1BJQpW4nArIItocmrE?usp=sharinge here

Village news from Helen Price - 29/3/18

As sent to The Mercury

Kings Bromley Village Hall Refurbishment

The Parish Council displayed draft plans for the refurbishment of the Village Hall at an open morning in the Village Hall on Saturday. Villagers were invited to provide feedback on all aspects of the plans and suggest ideas for future fundraising. There was plenty of interest and many ideas proffered.

The ladies of the WI kindly provided refreshments and, as an added bonus, everyone was treated to two excellent performances from Kings Bromley’s very own Village Harmony Choir.

Church Jumble Sale, Saturday 14th April

The jumble sale will be held at the Village Hall at 2.00 p.m. on Saturday 14th April. Any clothes, small bric-a-brac and books in good condition would be very welcome. Please bring offerings to the hall on the Saturday morning between 10.00 and 11.30 am or ring Peter Gee on 472157 to arrange transport. Offers to help sort and sell the goods would be most welcome; again, please contact Peter Gee.

Tweenies Parent and Toddler Group

The group runs on a Thursday morning in the village hall from 9.30 till 11.30 a.m. Please continue to support this activity which provides so much fun, play and socialisation for families of the village and surrounding areas.
£1 per child and 50p for the raffle. Contact Kerry Helliwell on 07875 367379

Best kept village competition and open gardens 2018

Details of these two events below

Best Kept Village Competition
The Parish Council are entering the village into the Best Kept Village Competition again. Please help us to win yet again. The judges like no litter, neat front gardens and the BKV flyers displayed in front windows. These flyers will be distributed to all houses towards the end of April.
Judging takes place during May, June and July. There will be a general clean up on Sun. 29th April at 11a.m. Please turn up with a plastic bag, we usually manage to fill quite a few.

Allan Howard

Open Gardens
Kings Bromley Open Gardens will take place on Sat. 16th and Sun 17th June, from 12 noon to 5 p.m. So far we have 9 confirmed gardens, including 4 that have never opened before.
The WI will be 'yarn bombing' again and providing teas in the village hall on the Saturday.There will be 'fairy finding' for the kids and there might be some musical entertainments - watch this space!
At a preliminary meeting it was decided that the profits would again go to the Village Hall Refurbishment Fund; so far the Open Gardens has contributed £4,000 to this worthy effort.
If you would like to open your garden, please contact Alison Howard before the end of April.

Allan Howard

Village news from Helen Price - 22/3/18

As sent to The Mercury

Kings Bromley Village Hall Refurbishment Project

A campaign has commenced to raise funds for a major refurbishment of the lobby, toilets and kitchen areas in the village hall. Donations have already been received from a number of local organisations, for which we are very grateful. However, a substantial amount of money is still required before we can commence work. A small team comprising members of the Parish Council, assisted by the Chairman of the Village Hall Committee, will be exploring funding opportunities and any funding ideas will be welcome. Alternatively, if anyone has skills they feel they may be able to offer to the project, we would be pleased to hear from you. One idea already proposed is the sale of a limited number of bricks inscribed with the names of individuals and organisations who are willing to offer a donation. All funds raised will be lodged in a separate account to be used solely for the refurbishment project.

Plans and representational images have been drawn up to show the improvements we wish to make and these plans will be on display in the Lobby of the Village Hall on Saturday 24th March, when they will be “launched” between 10.00 a.m. and 1.00 p.m. Everyone will be welcome and refreshments will be provided. In the meantime, if anyone would like to discuss the project with us, please contact one of the members of the team:-
Mary Gair 473544, Charles Cole 472423, Julie Bamber 473339, Steve Browne 472931, Jan Higgins 07912 855626 or Nigel Lee at mrnigellee@gmail.com.
Refreshments will be provided by Kings Bromley WI with entertainment by Kings Bromley choir.

Wednesday Club

This month’s speaker, Colin Bagshaw, a geologist and lecturer, took us back in time to 1896 and the beginning of one of the greatest gold rushes in history.

The Alaska Gold Rush began on August 16th 1896 when an American prospector George Carmack, his brother-in-law Skookum Jim and his nephew Dawson Charlie struck gold in Rabbit Creek, a tributary of the Klondike. News of the find spread quickly to other mining camps in the Yukon Valley and very soon the whole of Rabbit Creek, renamed Bonanza Creek, was staked out with claims. Richer sources of gold were then found in Eldorado Creek and claims quickly registered there too. The outside world, however, remained largely unaware of the news and it wasn’t until Spring 1897 when the “Portland”, docked in Seattle laden with gold that what became known as “the stampede” began. It is estimated that between 1896 and 1899 100,000 prospectors began making their way to the Klondike of whom 30,000 arrived.

Many of these prospectors travelled via Skagway where they were required to buy one year’s worth of equipment and supplies which then had to be transported over mountains to the lakes and from there down the Yukon River to the gold fields. Queues formed to join the mountain trails each man trudging hundreds of miles back and forth moving their gear from cache to cache. Once at the lakes they built boats to float their equipment down river to Dawson City and the Klondike. Sadly, after all their efforts to reach the Klondike, many thousands started for home within months - penniless. Although mining continued in the Klondike the “stampede” was over almost as quickly as it had begun and while some became wealthy the majority journeyed in vain.

Next Meeting: April 4th at 2.30pm in the Village Hall when we will be “Tracing Paper Skeletons” with Marion Armstrong.
NB. May 2nd. Outing to Matlock Bath. £12.00 per person.

Village news from Helen Price - 15/3/18

As sent to the Mercury

Bowling Club Whist Drive

Whist drive takes place on Tuesday 20th March in the Village Hall, 1.30 for a prompt start at 2.00 pm. All are very welcome.

Kings Bromley Gardening Guild

Our speaker for February unfortunately had to cancel, so Allan Howard stepped into the breach to give his talk planned for the August meeting on 'Serendipity in the Garden'. Serendipity was voted the nation's favourite word and could be defined as 'Happy accidents'; in the garden, Allan defined it as plants which appear without being specifically planted by the gardener.

Allan showed pictures of many examples of flowers which can appear in the garden, such as different varieties of poppy, honesty, foxgloves, aquilegia, teasel, cornflower and of course the well-named forget-me-nots. He wanted to encourage gardeners to be more tolerant of serendipitous plants, as they are often very good for wildlife. There was discussion at the end of the talk on the problems of plants which become too widespread, such as Japanese knotweed, Himalayan balsam, buddleia and Rosebay Willow herb.

The next meeting of the Gardening Guild to be held on 19th March will be the AGM, with wine and cheese, followed by tips for preparing the lawn in spring and a light-hearted gardening quiz.

Village news from Helen Price - 8/3/18

As sent to The Mercury

Helen Price
01543 472203

Kings Bromley Open Gardens, Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th 2018
If anyone from the village would like to open their garden this summer to raise funds for much needed village causes, please contact Alison and Allan Howard on 01543 472720. We will be meeting at 36 Alrewas Road on Tuesday 13th March at 8.00 pm to discuss plans.

Kings Bromley Historians
The Lichfield to Hatherton Canal
1954 could have gone down in history as marking the closure of the Lichfield Canal (opened in 1794) and Hatherton Canal (1841). That it didn’t has been the result of the continuing innovative and ingenious work of the Lichfield and Hatherton Canals Restoration Trust (LHCRT).

The double-hander presentation by Bob Williams (Director - Finance) and Peter Buck (Director - Engineering), showed how much work has already been completed. "There are still major projects to undertake. Our latest appeal ‘Tunnel Vision’ has a target of £1million. It’s another 'Suchet Appeal' and will see the Lichfield Canal run under major crossings, like the new Southern Bypass on the A461 and the railway”.

Restoration of the Lichfield Canal began 20 years ago, combining work by volunteers and by contractors for the more difficult sections under roads and railway lines. Importantly, the two canals are at the centre of what leading canal engineer, James Brindley, called the centre of The Cross linking the four main estuaries of the country - Liverpool, Hull, London and Bristol.

Like the original navvies, the Charity continues to show real grit and determination assisted by all its volunteers, and donors to re-establish what in its heyday was a commercial success. Huge amounts of coal from the Cannock Coal Mines were transported. A single slide during the presentation amply illustrated the significance of this one cargo.

The Charity's aims of reclaiming derelict land, job creation and economic regeneration, recreating a living waterway for leisure and wildlife, and promoting tourism have remained its core values. "Donors make a real contribution to restoring our canals by helping to fund these major, essential tunnels". Significant progress has already been made by the charity's volunteers, in completing the rebuilding and renovation of many of the derelict or destroyed sections of the two canals.

Major fund-raising spearheaded by actor and canal champion David Suchet CBE, Vice President of LHCRT, has enabled the completion of major construction works enabling the 'new' canals to be reconstructed. Already new sections are passing under and over major obstacles that cut through and destroyed the original routes

The latest restoration works now include a Heritage Tow Path Trail with sections already opened and attracting increasing numbers of visitors.

More information on the work of the Trust can be found at lhcrt.co.uk and @LHCRT

Drop-in cancelled

This evenings HS2 drop-in surgery cancelled

The drop-in surgery scheduled for this evening has been cancelled due to the bad weather and will be re arranged for April.

Village news from Helen Price - 1/3/18

As sent to The Mercury

Card sale, Saturday 10th March

The card sale on Saturday 10th March in the Village Hall from 10.30 am until 12 noon will be raising funds for the church. The usual cards will be on sale plus Easter cards, wrapping paper, notelets, serviettes, gift bags and much more. All excellent quality at bargain prices!

Come along and have a chat over a free cup of coffee or tea and biscuits - everyone is welcome.

Mothering Sunday Service

A family service will be held at 10.45 am on Sunday 11th March at All Saints Church, Kings Bromley.

Bowling Club Whist Drive

Whist drive takes place on Tuesday 6th March in the Village Hall, 1.30 for a prompt start at 2.00 pm. All are very welcome.

Kings Bromley Show, Saturday July 28, 2018

Celebrating Staffordshire is this year’s theme and plans are well underway to organise one of the best shows ever. There’ll be all the usual attractions in the form of a funfair, children’s entertainment, animals, trade stalls and craft fair. The competitive marquee provides an ideal opportunity to display your favourite Staffordshire landscape, capture that special beauty spot on camera, show off your family’s special Staffordshire oatcake recipe - the scope is endless!

There’s plenty of opportunity to get involved in the organization of the Show and lots of fun to be had in the process. If you would like to help in any way, please contact Kirsten Harber on 07766 316316. For further details see our website: www.kingsbromleyshow.co.uk

Recent criminal activity around the parish

Many will be aware of the break-in at the Co Op store.

Many will be aware of the recent break-ins at the local Co Op, public house and village hall. The parish council is concerned and will be discussing options at its next full parish council meeting on 14th March. We hope to have a member of the local policing team present.

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