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The Kings Bromley web pages are sponsored by Kings Bromley Parish Council.

They were revised in 2015 to add support for a wider range of mobile devices and replaced the previous version published in 2007.

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Friday: Sunny Intervals
Maximum Temperature: 11°C (52°F)
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Local news

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Village news from Helen Price - 22/3/18

As sent to The Mercury More

Village Hall refurbishment - launch date

A campaign has commenced to raise funds for a major refurbishment of parts of the village hall. Your help is required. 24th March from 10am - all welcome More

Village news from Helen Price - 15/3/18

As sent to the Mercury More

Village news from Helen Price - 8/3/18

As sent to The Mercury More

Drop-in cancelled

This evenings HS2 drop-in surgery cancelled More

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With the "Best Kept Village" trophy visible in the background.

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